Parent Death

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The Death of a Parent is something that happens to us all. This year it happened to me.

For those of us who have lost a parent know that it can be very tough and change our lives forever. I recently lost my father and made a long journey to bury him in his home town. He came from very, very poor background and the trip left me completely at a halt.

Do we as children really look back at the past of our family and see how far our parents and grandparents have brought us? Do we acknowledge any of the milestones and remind ourselves to be grateful? Do you tell yourself that you have to carry the torch forward not only in achievements but in emotional courage? These are all questions that should be asked! These are all things we should reflect! Where did your mother, father, grandma and grandpa come from? What did they suffer? How can you assure that wasn't all in vain?


This is the question I know have in my mind at 35 and I sit here staring at a blank canvas, thinking what I want to paint for my children and grandchildren. What legacy do we want to leave in this rough world?

Do you ask yourself?

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