How To Make Peanut Butter Potato Salad

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Yes, this really is a recipe for Peanut Butter Potato Salad that I found on YouTube. I cannot wait to make a batch of the salad myself.

peanut butter

There is really one thing I think I would do. I would probably leave the skin on. The skin is where all of the nutrients are.

Basically, you are only boiling potatoes and mixing the potatoes with mayonnaise and peanut butter.

The onions and ham really do not do anything for me. I would leave the onions and ham out.

This would be good for any type of gathering.

This dish is very frugal. Peanut butter at the Dollar Store. Sacks of potatoes for a couple of bucks at local grocery stores.

The sourness of the mayonnaise with the sweetness of the peanut butter make a cute couple.

I give it a 10.

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