Get Your Carbs At Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs Pasta

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Want to get pumped up in the morning? Take my advice... pasta is the way to go! You may say that it is a comfort food or that you would crash after a while.

I love pasta. People argue with me that we need our energy from protein. I beg to differ. We need carbs for energy.

Do you simply not want spaghetti sauce that early? This recipe uses two (2) common breakfast staples to go along with the pasta... bacon & eggs!

Here is the recipe...Bacon & Eggs Pasta...


Simply nuke in the microwave!


Don't like tortellini? Use any pasta that you desire!


So as not to make a greasy mess with the bacon, maybe use bottled bacon bits which are found in the seasoning section of the grocery store.

That is all folks! I hope you like!

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