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Snickers Salad

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Yes, this is a salad recipe. No you are not seeing things. But this salad recipe is like no other! If I could run to the dollar store right now at this time of night, I would grab all of the ingredients and prepare, like right now! Don't believe me? Watch and listen for yourself!

How To Make Snickers Salad!


Snickers Candy Bars
Yellow Granny Apples
Cool-Whip (whip cream)

Three (3) whole ingredients! That is it!

This is perfect for any occasion. You can probably be assured that no other person is bringing the same dessert. This dessert can stand-out like no other.


If you shop for Snickers near the cash register, they may be costly. However, if you go to the candy aisle, pick up a big bag of minis.


Granny yellow apples are super cheap. They make the Snickers Salad not too sickening sweet, kind-of balancing it.

I am probably going to dream of Snickers Salad tonight.

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