Yay or Nay? Macaroni & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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I am usually a no-bake, crockpot and microwave fan... But, this recipe caught my attention! I love mushrooms and love pasta! Although my mother would not let me be near the kitchen oven/stove when growing up for fear of me getting burnt, I atleast want to share with all of you who have no fear...

Just click on the highlighted:

The Marriage of Mushrooms and Pasta!



I like the homemade version of cheese sauce that Todd's Kitchen creates...butter, flour, milk... I have never looked at the ingredients label on a prepackaged, have you?

Boiled macaroni? Got it!

Combine the two (2).

Place the mac n cheese in the mushroom. Step three (3).

Personally, I would not heat up in the oven. I would simply have chilled! Something like cool pizza or cool Chinese.

Perfect to pack for lunch!

Just don't tell... I am going to make, when I do have a chance, my version in the microwave! I am too impatient... LOL

How do you like the YouTube video?

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