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On A Budget? Make Ahead Slow Cooker Meals

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Save yourself time and stress! Take some time for a little grocery shopping, some meal prep and voila, all you need to do is dump and go when it is convenient for you! How you ask? Click on the highlighted link here:

Budget Meals: 3 Freezer Slow Cooker Meals...

Of course, I have to give you my opinion! Out of the three (3) meal preps, I especially like the Thai Chicken!


In a plastic bag...

First, as opposed to chicken drum sticks, I would include boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Then, the mixture of the salsa, peanut butter and soy sauce make such a unique taste.

Next, in my opinion, use a little seasoning of your choice. I would use garlic powder, onion salt, red pepper flakes, hot sauce, etc.

With all ingredients in the plastic bag, seal and place in the freezer. Make multiple bags while you are in the mood! Write on the bag the name and minutes to cook.

When you want to have dinner ready for you, just dump and go!

How easy is that?

So, my favorite was Thai Chicken. How about you?

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