Perfect For An Easter Dinner: Wedge Salads

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Many family and friends are going to be gathering for Easter. As most grocery stores sell heads of lettuce for 99 cents (US currency), why not serve a wedge salad? Learn how in this video!

Wedge Salad Recipe YouTube Video Tutorial


As Stephanie uses blue cheese, why not use the dressing of your choice? Instead of bleu cheese crumbles, why not use chunks of cheese of your choice? Instead of making a mess with frying bacon, why not use bottled bacon bits at your local dollar store? There are no rules to this recipe! The only ingredient that she talks about that is required is a head of lettuce!

Also, this is good for a spaghetti dinner, on any occassion. I know this from experience, as while growing up, for Sunday dinner, my family served homemade spaghetti with a salad out of the family's garden.

Then, for a small party, why not have a wedge salad bar? Have the wedge salads on display with various toppings for guests to choose from? You can grab various salad dressings for a buck at the dollar store.

I hope you have found this recipe to be helpful.

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