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Organizing thoughts can be very difficult for some people. Depending on the situation, there could be many helpful ways to help gather and organize your thoughts. The most important thing is to realize that some helpful ways may be practical, and others may be creative.

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Here’s some helpful ways to help organize your thoughts:

• Use sticky notes and a wall – Write down a thought on a sticky note, then stick the note on the wall.

• Take notes on index cards – Use the top red line for the main thought and list the other related thoughts underneath on each of the lines that follow.

• Develop a list – Capture your thoughts on a good old-fashioned list. Then, sort it later.

• Sit quietly or meditate – Meditation can calm the mind and body and can help you sort out your thoughts subconsciously.

• Sleep on it – If you cannot seem to make sense of thoughts in your mind, go to sleep for the night and revisit your thoughts in the morning.

• Exercise – Move your body and exercise to give your mind a break which will allow your subconscious to work on your thoughts in the background.

• Spend time in nature – Spend some time outdoors to get out of your head and let your eyes take in the sights.

Whenever you’re experiencing brain overload, think back to this list of helpful ways to get your thoughts better organized. Remember, your success is found in your daily routine, so practice organizing your thoughts regularly.

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