Needing Your Zzzzzzs

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Needing your Zzzzzzs? First For Women gives a few tips...

1. Darkness.
Personally, I have to keep a light on. However, if your not afraid of the boogy monster, go for it!

2. Shower.
Keep yourself clean, groomed and fresh. Imagine you are going to bed with the hottest man!

3. Carbs.
Forget cereal! Have a small portion of pasta!

4. Exercise.
Although morning is good, exercising in the later part of the day might do the trick. You can wear yourself out before bed!

5. Just laying there.
Get up and do something productive. Take your mind off of stress.

woman in bed

6. Lay on your side.
I lay on my side and experienced major anxiety last night. So, I am proof this technique does not always work.

7. Don't sleep with your man.
Take a break from sleeping with your man (if you have a man). Maybe 2 nights apart?

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