Fast and Easy Home Makeovers

by Latisha Porter (follow)
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Are you tired of seeing the same stuff inside and outside of your home? Are you ready for an inexpensive home makeover? Well, look no further.

Home and landscape

Here are some fast and easy home makeovers to save you both time and money:

• Hang pretty planters by the front door that will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with bright blooms on each side of your entry or place potted plants on the stairs.

• Select a tall plant to put inside one of your rooms to fill some space and to add color.

• Add a picture on the wall to give the room life, to add my more style and color to the space.

• Swap out boring or dated hardware. Give cabinets or doors a 10-minute makeover by replacing knobs or pulls.

Home and landscape

• Add some mood lighting in any room with a lamp, changing your blinds to a darker color, exploring colored light bulbs, or installing a dimmer switch.

• Try a new showerhead, paint the walls, add new rugs or change the shower curtain which would bring a spa-like vibe to your bathroom.

• Refresh the paint on your deck or add some inexpensive patio furniture to your outdoor decor.

• Add red mulch, outdoor lighting and colorful plants to your landscape.

Well, what are you waiting for? Look around your home and use this list to create your to do list to make your home look like a masterpiece.

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