How to Become One With God

by Latisha Porter (follow)
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While on your spiritual journey, you may be wondering how to become one with God. It may be important to you to learn how to notice God’s still and small voice as He speaks to you through prayer and meditation.

woman praying and reading the Bible

Here are some valuable ways to become one with God:

• Reading and meditating on God’s Word
• Studying and learning God’s Word
• Carving out time alone in prayer
• Hiding scripture in your heart and reciting it from time to time
• Reflecting on how grateful you are for small things
• Taking a bit of time for renewal
• Spending time in a worship setting that calms your spirit
• Journaling even just a few sentences a day for reflection
• Listening to praise and worship music
• Read inspirational books
• Find and post positive quotes
• Being in the presence of spiritual and positive people
• Sharing an inspired thought with someone to help them when they feel lost

Through positive habits, faith, and prayer it is possible to become one with God no matter how lost we have been.

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