Advocating for your Child

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As parents, it is our job to love, protect, and care for our child. When your child begins school, your role shifts from parent at home to parent advocating for your child throughout the educational process. Unfortunately, this process is even more complicated if you have a child with a disability.

Here are some ways to advocate for your school age child:

• Research education laws for your state
• Research and select the best educational program/school
• Communicate with the child and voice concerns with school staff regularly
• Request for your child to be tested for learning disabilities if you have a concern
• Attend various meetings during the school year
• Make suggestions that will help your child’s learning (tutoring, resource room, therapy)
• Find outside resources to assist your child’s educational experience
• Volunteer in your child’s classroom regularly
• Participate in school events throughout the school year
• Encourage your child to advocate for his or her personal needs as they get older
• Include your child in the meetings related to their well-being as they get older

In addition, you may also experience challenges when advocating for your child in other areas, such as medical, sports, extracurricular activities, etc.

Advocating for your child takes patience, lots of time, and energy. Often times parents have to sacrifice a lot to make sure the needs of the child are met. Despite all of the challenges that may occur, parents should always be positive, supportive, and advocate for their child...No questions asked!

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