Music As White Noise

by Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo (follow)
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Do you ever need an attraction or distraction for yourself? Turn on some music as some basic white noise!

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Sometimes we need a distraction to keep us concentrating. Are you working on a tough project, doing some major housecleaning, etc.?

Or, do you need music as an attraction to exercise or to sleep to?

Sometimes, blowing fans are just not enough.

So, this leads me to today's music via modern technology such as laptops, tablets, cellular phones, etc.

Have you ever heard of Pandora Radio?

You can even organize your own stations with Pandora. For example, would you like some cardio music to exercise to?

Then, there is iHeartRadio. This is your chance to hear radio stations broadcasted in the United States. I often listen to radio stations from near my hometown and often wonder how things are there.

Again, one may select and organize what they want to hear with iHeartRadio.

Do you ever just want to sit or lay down and listen to some good music just for the sake of the enjoyment? Well, then, you are all set!

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