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How to Remove Yourself From Negative Energy

by Shelley Murphy (follow)
Shelley Murphy Counsellor & Psychotherapist Masters of Counselling & Psychotherapy UofA Member of the ACA College of Supervisors Level 3 Member Australian Counselling Association Email: Web: https:/ @GrowinEsteem
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Negative energy can be found almost everywhere. There are people complaining about life constantly, practicing bad habits and bringing you down. The emotions they spread influence your thoughts and actions in a bad way so avoiding the sources of negative energy is obligatory if you want to be more successful. Everyone can be easily affected by negative emotions and the only exceptions are people who learned how to deal with it.

1. They create happiness from within.
Happy people donít base their happiness on external stimulation. They realize once the stimulant is gone, their mood would be ruined. Instead, they look for internal sources of positive energy and practice mindfulness.

2. They practice positive thinking.
Thoughts influence your actions, so, if you think negatively, thereís no bright future ahead of you. Positive people donít believe in the excuses their minds come up with. Through positive affirmations and finding the good side of any problem, they make sure they are mentally set up for success.

3. They look for reasons to believe in themselves.
ďNever let the negativity get to you. There are gonna be a lot of people you have to plow through, but as long you believe in yourself, thatís all that matters.Ē Ė Becky G.

There are endless reasons to believe in yourself even if you feel completely helpless and worthless. These negative thoughts are temporary obstacles and most of the time, they are made-up. If you are thinking a thought, get into the habit of asking yourself the question ďIs this fact or fiction?Ē

4. They cut off negative people.
Your surroundings have a tremendous impact on yourself. If you spend time with positive people, you are more likely to be happy and content. On the other hand, if you are too close to naysayers and complainers, you will have a hard time removing the negativity from your life.

5. They train regularly.
Physical training is associated with releasing endorphins which are responsible for ďfeeling good.Ē Treating your body the right way pays off and results in reduced stress and boosted happiness. You donít need expensive gym memberships Ė a walk will do the trick!

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6. They spend time in the nature.
Being in the nature clears your mind and relaxes your body. Positive people dedicate a part of their day to get outside and admire the beauty of our planet. Itís a great way to load your batteries!

7. They avoid impulsive spending.
Nowadays, extra deals and sales fight for your attention, so itís easy to end up lost in the buying mode. Whereas excessive buying may make you feel better instantly, from a long-term perspective, itís an unhealthy habit positive people avoid at all costs. They would rather invest in experiences to discover the world and create some great memories.

8. They accept failure.
Positive people embrace failure as they realize itís the only way to learn and grow. Whenever they collapse, they work hard to get at the top again instead of giving up. Even though a failure brings negative emotions, they comprehend these are brief and will fade away quickly. To accelerate the process, they keep thinking positively.

9. They take full responsibility.
Positive people always give themselves the responsibility for what happens in their lives. Whether itís a success or failure, itís always an effect of their actions and thoughts. A positive person will never blame external factors and focus on things within the reach that could be improved.
By doing that, they pursue being better and experience constant progress instead of getting frustrated by things out of their control.

10. They learn to control their thoughts.
A mind can be easily brought out of control by sudden negative thoughts. Positive individuals know that they canít stop the thoughts from arising but they get to choose their actions or responses to the thoughts. To achieve this discipline they practice meditation or mindfulness.

Unsplash Brandi Ibrao

11. They devote some time to relax.
Instead of trying to be perfect, positive people realize sometimes you need to slow down, make your goals and ambitions secondary and simply loosen up. They also accept that there are times in life where it seems that there is no movement at all. In a nutshell, they take a step back to move further the next day.

12. They believe thereís always a solution.
Sometimes, life hits you hopelessly hard. At these moments, you tend to doubt your abilities to solve the current problem. The fact is, thereís always a way to overcome an obstacle and positive people keep that in mind. Even if they reach rock bottom, they believe it happens so they can get to the top even stronger.

13. They know when to say no.
The value of saying Ďnoí and Ďyesí at the right moment is priceless. Opposed to misconceptions, these two words have an immense power and how you use them dictates what happens in your life.
Positive people focus on their priorities instead pleasing others. Thatís why they know there are many things you donít need to say yes to.

14. They donít look for anyoneís approval.
If you let othersí opinions paralyze you, you will have a hard time feeling good and happy. Many people are afraid of not getting validation and being criticized. Positive individuals think and act quite the opposite.

They use disapproval as an indicator of being authentic and true. The fact is, there are countless things you donít need anyoneís approval for though you think you do.

Stick to your goal and the negativity in your life will be reducing in impact by the minute.

You got this.

Unsplash Michael Fenton

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